reach [rēch]
[ME rechen < OE ræcan, akin to Ger reichen < IE * rēiĝ-, to stretch out, extend the hand, akin to base * reĝ-, straight, stretch, direct > RIGHT]
1. to thrust out or extend (the hand, etc.)
2. to extend to, or touch, by thrusting out, throwing something, etc.
3. to obtain and hand over [reach me the salt]
4. to go as far as; attain [to reach town by night]
5. to carry as far as; penetrate to [the news reached him late]
6. to add up to; come to [to reach thousands of dollars]
7. to have influence on; affect; impress
8. to get in touch with, as by telephone
1. to thrust out the hand, foot, etc.
2. to stretch, or be extended, in amount, influence, space, time, etc. [power that reaches into other lands]
3. to be added; amount (with to or into)
4. to carry; penetrate, as sight, sound, etc.
5. to try to obtain something; make an attempt
6. to try too hard to make a point, joke, etc.
7. Naut. to sail on a reach
1. the act of stretching or thrusting out
2. the power of stretching, obtaining, etc.
3. the distance or extent covered in stretching, obtaining, influencing, etc.
4. a continuous, uninterrupted extent or stretch, esp. of water
5. a pole joining the rear axle to the forward part of a wagon
6. Naut. a tack sailed with the wind coming more or less from abeam: it may be a close reach, with the wind forward of the beam; a beam reach, with the wind abeam; or a broad reach, with the wind abaft the beam
SYN.- REACH, the broadest of these terms, implies an arriving at some goal, destination, point in development, etc. [he's reached the age of 60 ]; GAIN1 suggests the exertion of considerable effort to reach some goal [they've gained the top of the hill ]; ACHIEVE suggests the use of skill in reaching something [we've achieved a great victory ]; ATTAIN suggests a being goaded on by great ambition to gain an end regarded as beyond the reach of most persons [she has attained great fame in her profession ]; ACCOMPLISH implies success in completing an assigned task [to accomplish an end ]

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